Born in the southern part of Karnataka, Vinay Guruji’s preaching and ideas on meditation, ethics, knowledge, and prayers are at the very root of human thought. Vinay Guruji’s ashram is run following the ethics of truth, life and light. Guruji advocates for a way of life that reflects a spiritual and religious tradition, but which was also distinctly humanist and even secularist. His service as a national diplomat on behalf also influences his understanding of social constructs. Being a Gandhian, he firmly believes that Bapu was not just a revolutionary freedom fighter; he was an avatar like the Buddha, who spread divinity through humanity. Guruji follows this by example and intends to spread the Gandhian message of one world and one caste just in India but to the world. Guruji wishes to convert the whole world into Sabarmati, a place of Shanti and Ahimsa. Inspite of being from a remote village, owing to his simplicity of thought and action, Guruji has garnered devotees from across the country, who follow his ideals and Gandhian principles of Satya, Dharma and Ahimsa. His aim is to work towards building a society where nonviolence, justice, peace and sustainability prevail.


-Vinay Guruji

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